String Lights with warm white bulbs and Ivy hanging overhead in the Main Room at The Foundry.
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String Lights with Ivy at The Foundry

String Lights hanging in the main room with Ivy hanging along the edge of the mezzanine level at The Foundry.

One of the most crucial factors for any wedding is the ambiance created by the decor, floral arrangements, and lighting. The Foundry is a premier wedding venue, and ensuring a truly special wedding reception is imperative. At Universal Light and Sound, we believe that String Lights with hanging Ivy at The Foundry creates a romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, it makes your wedding even more memorable. Let’s explore the benefits of incorporating String Lights with florals for a wedding at The Foundry.

String Lights with warm white bulbs and Ivy hanging overhead in the Main Room at The Foundry.


Using The Foundry. Firstly, String Lights provide general lighting for the space. Additionally, the combination of String Lights and Ivy will leave a lasting impression on your guests. This blend of lighting and natural greenery enhances the mood and adds a sense of intimacy to The Foundry. With our dimmers, the brightness of the bulbs can also be adjusted according to your preference. You can further enhance the atmosphere by incorporating candles.

Secondly, String Lights adorned with Ivy will accentuate The Foundry’s stunning features and truly captivate you and your guests. Furthermore, incorporating Ivy provided by a florist adds an elegant touch to the venue. The combination of floras and String Lights allows you to create a unique and enchanting look at The Foundry. A florist can offer exquisite arrangements that blend beautifully with the suspended String Lights.

In conclusion, incorporating String Lights with hanging Ivy is an excellent way to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere for your wedding reception at The Foundry. By collaborating with Universal Light and Sound and your chosen florist, you can create a breathtakingly beautiful and truly memorable wedding. We hope this information has inspired you to create the perfect look for your special day. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our lighting services.

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